Reduce Wrinkles and Visible Signs of Aging

Due to our Derma Roller & Microdermabrasion Kit stimulating collagen production you can say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Your face will have a noticeable improvement in appearance.

Reduce Acne Scarring

If you suffer from acne scars our skin care tools can solve this problem for you. The scarring alters the normal collagen in the skin but through weekly stimulation the repair process can begin to heal scarring.

Remove Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Stretch marks are formed due to the rapid stretching of skin, this is common with people who fluctuate in weight or have given birth.

Stretch marks are quite difficult to remove but derma rolling % 5 minutes of Microdermabrasion has been shown to greatly improve or eliminate stretch marks.

You will need to stick to it on a weekly routine though so don’t expect results as fast as fine line facial wrinkles.

Skin Smoothing

Some people just love to have soft smooth skin, when using our tools on a daily/weekly basis your skin with look much healthier and be smoother than you have ever thought possible.

Reduce Pigmentation Problems

Things such as sunlight expose, acne, scarring and other abnormal production of melanocytes can trigger hyperpigmentation.

When you stimulate the superficial skin layer you can produce normal melanocytes which will alleviate the problem.

Derma rolling will also help the absorption of skin lightening creams which will give you faster results.

Removing Age Spots

As time goes on and you gracefully age you will most likely develop age spots which makes your skin look dull and older, stimulating collagen growth will dramatically help this problem and give you longer looking skin.

Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a kin problem where the skin produces facial redness that leads to the breakdown of collagen. By regularly rolling your skin you produce more collagen which will help this issue.

It is however not recommended for people who have pustular or nodular Rosacea.

Reducing Large Pores

Large pores are common on both the nose and cheeks. You can help solve this problem by using a Microdermabrasion tool.

It will work by thickening the epidermal layer through the increase of collagen production.

Preventing Hair Loss

This type of therapy has been shown to help prevent hair loss or alopecia.

It stimulates the growth factors to promote hair growth, thicker hair and also increase the size of the overall follicles.