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Microdemabrasion Kit

The Microdermabrasion Tool

After one 5 minute treatment with our Microdermabrasion Tool, your skin will absorb moisturisers & serums more efficiently, allowing skin-care products to penetrate deeper into your rejuvenated skin. 

Weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, pores, dead skin & wrinkles.

Australia's No.1 Safety Approved Dermal Roller

Sudden Beauty is Australia's no.1 in home use dermal roller.

Made from 100% Safe Medical Grade Titanium Needles.

Our rollers have been successful in improving the appearance of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, scar removal, cellulite treatment, hair regeneration and pigmentation problems.

We Guarantee YOU will absolutely love the results you get from using our products.

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Happy clients

I have integrated the dermal roller into my Friday night beauty routine and I am loving it. I follow the roll with an enzyme peel and my skin is feeling tighter and brighter!

Great price to get started with Dermal rolling. I've never done it before but i feel its making a difference. My products seem to be working much better and my skin tone seems smoother. REMEMBER to clean your roller frequently!

I’ve started having skin needling, and purchased this roller to enhance results in between sessions. I’m really happy with it so far. It’s not too uncomfortable to tolerate rolling, I’m happy to sit in front of the telly at night and roll it over my face. My serums absorb a lot quicker after use. So far I’m happy with the results!

"Oh my goodness, you just made my day! Thank you so so much, above and beyond amazing customer service." 

"Thank you again! I really appreciate the excellent service and look forward to purchasing more from you." 

100% refund for after 30 days if you see no results – no questions asked!

To prove our confidence in the product we provide and the value to you, we are offering after 30-day, money-back guarantee if you see no results.

All you have to do is to send us an email after 30 days from the purchase date and we will refund you for the full amount of purchase. 
You don’t have to tell us why you want a refund, but we’ll be grateful if you would let us know, as it will help us to better understand your needs and expectations and those of future customers.

We have always strived to create a company based on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. The money-back guarantee is only a small part of the measures we take to ensure our clients receive excellent service from an honest company in a risk-free environment.